Viewing Lofoten from inside a car? that’s just wrong – Let us guide you in the right direction

Seeing nature is not enough when visiting Lofoten. You need to smell the ocean, feel the breeze, and listen to the sound of nature. We at Lofoten Rental hub offer the solution to this. Rent a bike, or even better; rent an Electrical bike when exploring some of the best nature experiences the world has to offer.

We offer high quality, brand new, bikes that secure you the best way to see, and explore, the different sites around this amazing group of islands. Booking will be available automatically at this website really soon, but you can already book your bike now. Just go to our contact form, send us your requirements and we will respond shortly with fares and availability.

And do you think we stop with just bikes? Nope, we will keep adding new products the coming weeks, so if you need to hire Wet/dry suits, SUP, Kayak tents or any other outdoor equipment- contact us- it might be in stock shortly.

Enjoy the spring- We look forward to help you explore Lofoten the way it should- In close connection to the nature